Margo & Vice

Johanna Bas Backer

The story

"I live a sheltered life, sheltered by the forest’s leaves. I wanted to escape the difficulties of the world today, this place feels safer somehow. The cardboard, the wood, the dust, my silence. No pressure, no job, no money, success or failures. I live alone but not far enough. I can still see those gentrified family houses across the river. Their electric towers a constant reminder…just behind those trees..."

The designer

Johanna Bas Backer, designer extraordinaire, based her menswear collection on a fictive story of a man isolated from the world, for which she studied various existing cases of social seclusion,  She applied unusual techniques such as hand painting over silkscreen prints and coatings with wood varnish on garments designed using collage techniques.

Model: Benji Nijenhuis
Photo, retouch, makeup and hair: Margo & Vice.