Margo & Vice


Margo + Ayden Vice,

partners in crime (And in Life), Based out of AMSTERDAM


Adidas, Ace & Tate, Reebok, Philips, de Bijenkorf, VanMoof, House of Orange, Jackie Magazine, UAF, IG Bank, Mediascience

Specialising in product photography, we have a core yet expandable crew confident in delivering either creative or high volume assets with efficiency and diligence.
Each member of our team has multiple skill sets keeping crew size tight, budgets reasonable and communication, accurate. Quality is very important to us, we care about the work we put out and aim to do the best we can for our clients with every project.

Studios we work out of in Amsterdam: Umsjatka & Ernstige Zaken
Camera/Light: Canon, Phase One, Broncolor, Profoto
Software: Capture One, Photoshop


a little background info



Set designer & Stylist

"I studied at the Academie Vogue styling school with a background in set design during which I have had the opportunity to design the window sets at de Bijenkorf, which included the use of mechanical constructions for motion, elaborate props and beautifully dressed mannequins!”

Makeup Artist

"I fell in love with the art of makeup during my time as a stylist at Jackie magazine. After graduating from the House of Orange as a makeup artist I went on (and continue) to do commercial work for both photography and video."


Ayden (VICE)

Photographer / Videographer

“When I was nine years old my life of photography began with a Konica C35. I spent every waking moment taking portraits of family and friends. 25 years later, after spending my formative years in advertising and design at BBDO, I now specialize in shooting, retouching, and creating final assets.”

Art Director

"With technical knowledge and experience in different fields of production including audio, video, and design, I enjoy working on the big picture, concepting, visualising and creating across different media within a campaign."


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